Worcester's Weekly Folk Club

LATEST NEWS: We're moving … but not far

As the new landlord of the Alma Tavern needs our current venue for other events on Fridays, he kindly offered to accommodate us on an alternative night. But after consulting our members, it was decided that it's best for the club to keep it on Friday. So we've found a new home for now just over the road.

Friday November 24 is our last night at:

The Alma Tavern, 74 Droitwich Road, Worcester, WR3 7HT

From December 1 we will be at:

Bishop Allenby Hall, St. Stephen's Church, off St. Stephen's Street, Worcester WR3 7HS

see where it is in relation to our current venue

There will be a few minor adjustments at our new venue:

  • Folk nights will run slightly earlier from 8:15 - 10:45 pm.
  • For your enjoyment of the evening: please, no animals, no e-cigarettes, no unaccompanied under-18s
  • Bring your own drink, glasses etc. and take all rubbish home
  • Help setting up before the meeting and clearing away afterwards will be gratefully welcomed
  • There's good parking space in the surrounding churchyard

Some things won't change - our love of music and song in all kinds of folk idioms, and the warm welcome we give to visitors!

£1.50 for members - £2 for visitors


Membership £5 to 31 December - join at the door


What People Say

The best club for singing in EnglandSara Grey
The choruses were definitely the best I've ever heard - totally amazing!Vicky Swan
Some of the best chorus singing we've ever heard, and we've played nearly all the folk clubs in BritainNapper & Bliss

What To Expect

"The Somers" is named after a (long gone) Worcestershire pub where the club originally started meeting over 30 years ago. Traditional music in all its varieties has always been celebrated at the club, but is by no means an exclusive requirement for performers. There are certainly plenty of beautiful choruses, ballads, and rousing shanties etc. from English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, American and even French traditions that are enjoyed on Friday folk nights. But you're just as likely to hear contemporary and self-penned songs in the folk idiom, acoustic blues, spirituals, musical hall and humorous numbers, as well as instrumental tunes played on guitar, fiddle, harmonica, flute, whistle, concertina, and so on. Poetry and spoken word performances are also contributed. All kinds of folk are welcome!

  • The club is friendly, relaxed and encouraging
  • We don’t have paid guests on club nights
  • We try to fit in everyone who wants to perform
  • We can't guarantee a slot if you arrive after the evening starts
  • Our tradition is not to perform from sheet music
  • We don't use amplification
  • We're not a singaround session
  • But we do join in choruses
  • The club loves to sing!

What's On

  • 24 Folk night (last night at The Alma Inn)
  • 01 Folk night, with choruses to start (at Bishop Allenby Hall)
  • 08 Folk night (at Bishop Allenby Hall)
  • 15 Folk night (at Bishop Allenby Hall)
  • 22 Folk night (at Bishop Allenby Hall)
  • 29 no meeting
  • 05 Folk night, with choruses to start
  • 12 Folk night
  • 19 If we stay at Bishop Allenby Hall, no meeting
  • 26 Folk night


Tel: 01684 561378 (Sam & Eleanor)

email (Chris)

As regular club meetings are floor spots only, we are unable to offer paid artists routine bookings.

The organising committee is currently:
Bob Fox, Selwyn Lane, Lesley Milton, Eleanor Simmons, Sam Simmons, Chris Stewart.

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